ATEI has been in the computer network business since 1992 and we have learned what needs to get done. ATEI specializes in servicing small and medium sized businesses but is ready to help individual needs as well. We can help you assess your needs and then get your computer related business functions working like a well oiled machine. It is our business to make your business run properly.

ATEI realizes that there is a lot to think about in business. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying whether or not your computer network will be running when you walk in the door. You need to focus on your business, NOT your computer problems. ATEI is there for you. It is our goal to make your computer network system an easy to use tool that allows you to run your business at optimum efficiency so that YOU can focus on making money.

Antivirus, power protection, backups, databases, wireless networks, servers, security… the list goes on and on. ATEI can help you manage all this complication and give you the freedom to do your job. ATEI knows what is important to you and it’s not worrying about your computers.

ATEI is ready to fulfill your needs and get you back on track so you can focus on your business instead of your computers. After all, you bought them to make your life easier. Let ATEI make that concept a reality.